Product Name Single Price (€) Quantity Total
Oil and spices
Black Pepper Carmencita Mill
Chilli Carmencita
Coarse Janubio Salt 500 gr
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
Ground Basil Carmencita
Ground Cumin Ducros
Ground Garlic Ducros
Ground Parsley Carmencita
Ground White Pepper Ducros
Olive Oil Gourmet 1L
Salt Gourmet 200gr
Vinegar Abril 250ml
Food cans
Asparagus Gourmet 540gr
Black beans with tomato Heinz 416gr
Boneless chamomile green olives
Corn Gourmet 3-pack 140gr
Green anchovy olives "La Española"
Green anchovy olives "La Española" soft
Natural Tuna Gourmet 3-pack 56gr
Olives La Sota Jaen Partidas
Pickles Hengstenberg 670gr
Tuna in olive oil Gourmet 3-Pack 67gr
Doritos Tex Mex 150gr
Lay´s Original 170gr
Lay´s Vinegar 160gr
Pringles Original 165gr
Pringles original 40 gr
Pringles Paprika 165gr
Pringles Salt and Vinegar
Pringles Salt and vineger 40 gr
Pringles Sour Cream 165gr
Pringles Texas BBC 40 gr
Coffee, Tea and Sugar
Brown sugar Amagoldi 1kg
Cocoa powder Cola Cao 325gr
Cocoa powder Nesquik 400 gr
Coffee Filters
Ground Coffee Auslesse 250gr
Lipton camomile
Lipton Earl Grey
Lipton English Breakfast
Nescafé Classic 50gr
Nespresso Arpeggio Decaffeinato
Nespresso Capriccio
Nespresso così
Nespresso Volluto
Saccharine Gourmet 39 gr
Tea Hornimans 25ud
White sugar Miya 1kg
Bolognese sauce Buitoni 400gr
Gourmet Neapolitan Sauce 300gr
Gourmet Sweet Mustard 300gr
HP Sauce
Ketchup Heinz 250gr
Mayonesa HEINZ Dosificador 220ML
Mayonesa Hellmann´s 400ML
Mayonnaise Hellmann´s 225gr
Mustard Heinz 250gr
Bread and Jam
Apricot jam Mühlhäuser Heros 345gr
Burger bread Bimbo
Hot dog bread Bimbo
Raspberries jam Heros 345gr
Rye bread 500gr
Sliced bread Bimbo
Sliced bread with seeds Bimbo Semillas
Strawberry jam Heros 345gr
Diary and Eggs
Almond drink Almendrola 1L
Butter Meggle 250gr
Free-range eggs Princesa Tabayesco 6 units
Natural yogurt Danone 2-pack
Oat drink Yosoy 1L
Semi skimmed milk Pascual 1L
Skimmed milk Pascual 1L
Soya drink Yosoy 1L
Strawberry yogurt Danone 2-pack
Whole milk Pascual 1L
Flour, Pasta and Rice
Bread crumbs Gourmet 500gr
Flour Gourmet 500gr
Macaroni Gourmet 500gr
Rice Gourmet 1Kg
Spaghetti Gourmet 500gr
Cheese and Meat
Bockwurst 260gr 8ud
Cooked Turkey Breast 100gr
Gouda Cheese 200gr
Sliced Bacon 150gr
Sliced Ham 100 gr
Biscuits and Chocolate
Biscuits María Gourmet 800gr
Chewing gums Orbit Peppermint
Chocolate-filled biscuits 300gr
Kit-Kat Chocolate Bar
Milka Bar 125gr
Nutella 250gr
Oreo Cookies 154gr
Sweets Haribo 100gr
Toblerone 100gr
Kellogg´s All Brain
Kellogg´s Choco Krispies
Kellogg's Corn Flakes
Kellogg´s Frosties
Baby Paps
Nestlé fruits
Nestlé rice and chicken
Nestlé veal
Nestlé vegetables, chicken and veal
Soft Drinks and Juices
Apple juice Don Simón 1L
Appletiser 250ml
Appletiser 750ml
Aquarius Lemon can 330ml
Aquarius Orange Can 330ml
Coca cola 1.5 Lt
Coca-Cola can 330ml
Coca-Cola Diet can 330ml
Coca cola Zero 1.5 Lt
Coca-Cola Zero can 330ml
Fanta Lemon 1.5 Lt
Fanta Lemon can 330ml
Fanta Orange 1.5 Lt
Fanta Orange can 330ml
Monster Energy 500ml
Monster Juiced
Monster Punch 500 ml
Monster Rehab
Orange juice Don Simón 1L
Peach juice Don Simón 1L
Pineapple juice Don Simón 1L
Sprite 1.5L
Sprite can 330ml
Tomato juice Don Simón 1L
Tonic Nordic 250ml
Partners Beta Red Wine
Partners Beta Rosé
Beer Dorada can 330ml
Beer Tropical can 330ml
Tropical Shandy can 330ml
Sparkling water Vichy 1L
Water Aquabona 1,5L
Water Aquabona 5L
Personal Care
Baby wipes
Body lotion coco
Body Scrub coco
Byly Depil
Deodorant Sanex men
Evax Salvaslip normal 24ud
Gillette Blue II 5ud
Hair conditionair Banana Mussa
Nail polish remover
Paper tissues Colhogar
Sanex Senxitive Deodorant
Septona Oval Discs
Shampoo Banana Mussa
Shaving foam Gillette 200ml
Tampax Compak Pearl
Tampax regular 20ud
Toothbrush Colgate
Toothpaste Colgate 75ml
Frozen Section
Ice 2kg
Nuggets Gourmet 350gr
Pizza Dr Oetker ham and cheese
Fire Pills
Meat and fish
Chicken breast (Frozen) 400 gr approx1.02
Chicken thigh (Frozen) 400 gr approx
Chistorras (typical Basque sausage) 400 gr approx
Entrecote Ango Brasil (Frozen) 400 gr approx
Grill sausages (Frozen) 500 gr aprox
Mixed burgers (Frozen) 4 pc
Pork chop (Frozen) 400 gr approx
Fruit and vegetables
Banana 500 gr approx
Carrot kg
Courgette 500 gr aprox
Cucumber 250 gr approx
Garlic 250 gr approx
Green apple 500 gr approx
Green peppers 500 gr approx
Kiwi 500 gr aprox
Leeks 500 gr approx
Lemon 500 gr approx
Oranges 500 gr approx
Papaya 500 gr aprox
Pear conference 500 gr approx
Potatoes kg
Pumpkin 500 gr approx
Red apple 500 gr approx
Red peppers 500 gr approx
Romaine lettuce ud
Tomato salad 250 gr aprox
White onion 500 gr approx

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